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As stated elsewhere in our web-site information, Angkor Wat Services has pledged itself to returning a percentage of its profits to the poor people of Cambodia.

We are proud to be a Cambodian company and proud of our nation, which has endured so much over the past decades. But despite the revival of the Cambodian economy and the protracted and welcome period of current peace, most of the rural poor of our country have barely changed. Generous foreign aid has poured into Cambodia yet education and health problems still abound in the Cambodian countryside and the years of civil war and genocide have left countless orphans. The curse of land mines still blights our nation and leaves significant numbers of our citizens dead or maimed every year.

It is against this backdrop that our company is seeking to invest some of its profits in charities or projects which attempt to improve the living conditions and education of the rural poor. Our assistance may sometimes be in the form of a money donation to an orphanage, but is more often a gift of practical materials such as clothes and food, or educational material like writing paper, pens and class-books. We endeavour to make all donations in person. Time can be as useful a thing to donate as money and it is always fulfilling to return again and again to a project, renew old friendships and see how the project is progressing.

Support from Our Friends and Customers
In general, our attempts to give something back to our nation are appreciated and understood by our customers. Some customers even go further and assist us with donations. While we would under no circumstances expect this we are extremely grateful to anyone who tries to help the poor or disadvantaged of our country.

Projects and Donations
A customer from New York, United States, worked in co-operation with the company to make a very generous donation of clothes, books, pens and writing paper to Chong Kneah Floating Village and an Orphanage..... At the outskirt of Siem Reap. Along with a cash donation to help the project. Many members of the company attended the event and enjoyed playing with the children and talking to the monks and other staff about their work. Please keep pages available for more detail?

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